Cheap Laptops For Students

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Because of the increase in the number of assignments and projects, almost every students needs a laptop. However, it is not always possible for a student to buy the expensive laptops. Thankfully, there are plenty of lower priced laptops which are designed exclusively for students. Some of the cheap laptops for students are:

Cheap laptops


With this product, you get two devices for the pa laptoprice of one. It is a detachable laptop, hence, when you separate the display from the laptop, you get a tablet. It has a good battery life which is good enough to last through all your classes. It doesn’t have a powerful processor, but still it is good enough for basic surfing and checking emails. Since it is extremely light, you can easily carry it to your class.


This model comes with a touchscreen, so the price tag of $500 looks even more attractive. The processor is quite fast and is good enough for web surfing or MS Office related work. You can also play some light games. It has a built-in face recognition software, so you don’t have to worry about your private files getting stolen. It has an impressive battery life of around eleven hours.


It is a highly powerful laptop and gives you around 500 GB of free space. With a strong Intel Core i5 processor, you can comfortably do all your assignments. This laptop can also be a good computer for video editing. Almost all high-end games are supported. It also has a face recognition system for security reasons. The battery life is around eight hours, which is good enough for your basic work.


This is the cheatab and keyboardper version of the Surface Pro 3. The screen is much smaller when compared with the Pro 3, and the processor is also less powerful, but it is still good enough for your daily tasks. It is a detachable laptop, so you also get a tablet. The best thing is that it comes with a free year of MS Office 365. After the expiry of the free year, you have to renew it.


This model is quite powerful. The battery life is exceptional, but it weighs more than most other models. It comes with the unique USB sleep and charge feature, which allows you to charge other devices while the laptop is shut down. It is also one of the few laptops to have a matte display.