Tips to follow when Choosing and Installing WordPress Themes


If you ever find yourself inquiring what’s in a WordPress theme that makes it so expensive in some instances and so hard to use in others, then you have come to the right place for your answers. WordPress themes may look alike, but they are not always similar. They do the same thing, which is to make your WordPress site look impressive, but some themes do that simple job better than others do. Besides the aesthetics, themes also fulfill another important role of making your website functional, allowing you to place different features in the right way, and ensuring that the background components do not break when your site updates. Follow these tips for picking and using the correct WordPress themes with your site.


laptopChoose Feature that is Essential for your Website

Themes from any theme directory will give you a battery of features to consider such as multiple columns, the number of supported sidebars, and the existence of a fluid layout that makes the site responsive. Features do not need only to be the ones you see; they can also be the code used to create the theme and subtle but important features like headers. Beginners may not need to get into the details of WordPress theme designs. The pros may consider such information critical to the choice of theme. In the end, it’s important to find something that you want and will be using.

Focus on the Visitor Experience

You may want your site to have all the bells and whistles to attract people, but if they are not coming because of the features you are including then, there is no point. Try to be rational with the presentation of features. Just because a theme has pop-up window support does not mean that you should use it on every page. You want to balance functionality on the user side and the intentions you have for your website. Trying different features for a while before making them a permanent piece of the site can be a good strategy.

Use Responsive, Fast Themes

Speed is a significant determinant of site performance both to search engines and to clients. Make sure you are hosting with a reputable company. Other than that, ensure that your theme is using the right formats for HTTP, CSS, JavaScript, and other codes. It should also have the proper handling mechanism for multimedia content so that there are no delays when your site is loading. Top themes such Divi or Avada come in handy because they include everything you need, a guide for you, to follow.


workDon’t Forget to Add Relevant Site Content

Getting an awesome theme alone will not fix all site problems. You must give people a reason to be on your website or blog. Come up with enticing content and advertise your site on social media and other channels to make it popular. Lastly, ensure that you link your site to the right channels for social media so that you can track sharing metrics and make the right improvements.