The Energy Efficient ActronAir Units


With technology ever evolving, appliances are designed with new features that enhance their performances. Air conditioner units are among the leading appliances with highly-advanced features. ActronAir is a leading company that deals with high-quality air conditioning units. The company has hit the market with reliable units that offer unmatched services to the users. That said, here are some of the reasons ActronAir units are so advanced you can save on power bills. It is advisable to purchase them to save you your electricity costs.

The ESP Platinum Series

The Actron Air units have different ranges of air conditioners, and the Energy Smart Performance are among them. The ESACP Platinum Series include ducted split units that can be 75% more efficient that the regular fixed units on the market. Also, the ESP Platinum series can save the energy consumption by a maximum of 50% more than the inverter units.

The units have a flexible airflow, which combines with variable flow of refrigerant. With this combination, the unit saves the energy consumption further. Another reason the ESP Platinum units save energy consumption are because they heat and cool the room faster. This way, they work faster than the other units on the market. In the long run, they will offer quality air conditioning in a shorter time.

The Hercules Series

These are also a range of units that are made with innovative technology. The units range from 140kw to 170kw, to 195kw. The Hercules series are huge, and they deliver reliable services. It saves more energy that the competitors on the market, regardless of its size. The technology used delivers top performance under low energy consumption.

They are built with elegance

From the design of the ActronAir units to the features, you can be sure of benefitiinstalling AC unitsng from them. They are not just designed to save energy bills, but you will also enjoy the comfort of these units. There is the Classic series that includes units that will work perfectly in all the seasons. The flexibility allows the unit to regulate the air naturally without consuming a lot of energy. This is made possible with the standard cycle technology.

Some might argue that the brand is challenged by other leading brands on the market, but the truth is that ActronAir units are so advanced you can save on power bills. The technology used is advanced and works automatically to deliver top quality air conditioning. There is also the ESP Plus that adjusts the airflow automatically, which then cuts down on the consumption of energy by about 61%. These units are not just energy saving, but they are also durable and stable.