Direct Tv versus Dish Tv

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Choosing satellite TV is a great move as compared to cable TV. First, cable connection generally has degraded sound and picture quality due to the multiple network configurations that the aired content has to go through.
So, what are the major differences between the two? This article will help you save time when making a decision on the right purchase.


Direct tv vs. dish network

Before comparing the two TV options, it ‘s nice to appreciate that their products and services are very comparable. TV reporterHowever, each one of them has something unique which will be appealing to your individual entertainment needs and viewing habits.

With this in mind, choosing the most appropriate option will be easier. Here is a comparison of the essential features of Direct TV vs. dish.

Freebies and bonuses

Both dish and direct TV are always competing for customers, and the most used scheme is that of freebies and bonuses. Here is a comparison of freebies and gifts of the two providers.

Direct TV

  • Standard professional installation
  • NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Free movie channels for three months
  • Free upgrade to Genie HD DVR
  • Free Direct Tv on demand

Dish Tv

  • No NFL Sunday Ticket
  • Free Hopper Upgrade
  • HD Free for Life
  • Free Movie Channels for three months
  • Free professional installation
  • Free DISH Movie Package for three months

Pricing and programming

Price comparison between direct tv vs. dish reveals that Dish has more advantages thanks to its lowest-priced plans. With the monthly Top 120 @ $34.99, the plans are the cheapest in the industry. This is in addition to their new option of 3-year price lock.

International programming also gives Dish an advantage with 29 languages while Direct TV has only 8. However, if you are looking for sports programming, Direct TV excels more over Dish. With exclusive rights for NFL Sunday Ticket plus various sports/leagues.

Direct TV is the best for sports lovers. Direct TV also has licensing deals with various leading movie studios which enable subscribers to watch dozens of popular programs and flicks.


TV Athene While both direct and dish TV have over 200 HD channels, the catch is in the number of channels available. A close look at direct tv vs. dish reveals that dish offers 200 channels but 120 are split between HD and SD while direct tv offers a total of 200 channels all in full-time HD.

On the other hand, Dish subscribers enjoy free for life HD provision while direct TV subscribers must pay an HD monthly fee of $15 per month inclusive of DVR services. When looking at these two options, it is clear that personal entertainment needs and view habits will play an essential role in the final verdict.

However, each has a slight advantage over the other, something you need to consider carefully.