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Mouse,’ a simple pointing device of a computer, is not that plain at all. It is significant for interactions with the computers. In this technology driven era, nothing remains unaffected with the stirring revolutions. Mouse too has seen a lot of improvements in recent time. They have been specially designed for various jobs.

For example, gaming mouse, these are the particular gaming gadgets that increase the performance of the computer games to another extent. The distinction of the gaming mouse, mainly used for gaming purposes, can only be assessed by the staunch game-lovers. Playing computer games without the best gaming mouse is like a soldier without his armor. The Best gaming mouse 2016 helps in enhancing the gaming experience.

They differ to the ordinary mouse in many ways like- sensitivity, input lag, accurate and precise sensor, wireless technology and other such things. These distinct features make it appropriate for gaming. This permits the mouse to respond quickly with relaxed actions.



All game-admirers have a mouse, but it may not necessarily be an ideal mouse when it comes to gaming. The gaminggame stick mouse has a different and pioneering technology. It is a must have for all the hardcore gamers.

But among so many available tech-savvy mice, it is a challenging decision to buy the most appropriate one. Thus, you must keep these things in mind while selecting your best gaming mouse: –


It is essential while gaming that you do not lose control of your mouse. For the perfect gaming experience, it is necessary that you have a comfortable mouse grip. There are three main types of mouse grip- Palm Grip, Claw Grip and Tip Grip. Although it is solely your decision to have a perfect grip mouse. However, palm grip mouse is the most popular one among others.


The decision making of perfect shaped and sized mouse depends on personal comfort. A gamer has to try different grips and shapes to find out a perfect mouse that provides speed and precision.


One must always look for the most upgraded mouse technology. The best gaming mouse should have all the necessary customized features. These features can later prove advantageous, and they will always keep you ahead of the gaming competition. These beneficial features are Programmable Buttons, Adjustable DPI, Custom Weight System, Laser Sensor, Wireless Technology, Acceleration and Polling Rate.


game speakerCORSAIR VENGEANCE M95: This mouse comes with 15 easily accessible programmable buttons. It has an adjustable response time and is best for MMO games.

LOGITECH G502 PROTEUS CORE: With 12000 CPI sensors, it is the best sensor mouse. It has a seamless claw grip with 11 programmable keys and customizable weight adjustment.

RAZER DEATHADDER CHROMA: The mouse comes with two programmable buttons and can detect 200 inches/second. It is decently designed for palm and finger grip.

So, if you are a gamer, it is time to own a personal best gaming mouse.

The Best Gaming Mouse of 2016

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As a gamer, you are spoilt for choice as to what Mouse to buy for your gaming experience. This is one of the dilemmas of being a gamer and you need to make a decision that you won’t regret later on at all. Therefore, you need a mouse that will not only take care of a single function but will back you up with whatever game that you have to play. So, whether it is the FPS (First-Person Shooters) where you need that kind of mouse that will be great at eliminating those enemies.

The RTS (Real-Time Strategy) also requires a mouse  Gaming Mouse that is not just sensitive but one that won’t fail you at all. The last one is MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) that needs you to play against those online friends. The FinalMouse is that kind of mouse that you are looking for as a gamer and below are some of the reasons that make it one of the Best Gaming Mouse 2016. You need a mouse that will cover all these three aspects

Plays all Three Modes

This the kind of mouse that you need because it incorporates all those three aspects of gaming to make sure that you always have the best experience. This means that there is virtually nothing that you can’t do with this mouse, and that is what makes it the best. It is just right for the kind of design that allows comfort to your palm as well as fingers.

The buttons are also well spaced, so you never have to worry about your fingers at all. The software is great too so you can play at ease knowing that this mouse will never disappoint you. While other types of Mice may focus on making one that is meant for one mode, this one will always have you covered.


This is one ofusing Gaming Mouse the things that make his mouse the best for your gaming this year. The comfortable and durable features it has done not mean a thing if at all the mouse is not affordable. This mouse is pocket-friendly besides the fact that it has all these fantastic features. No other mouse comes close to it, and this is exactly why it is just the best.

So, as a gamer, your dilemma of what mouse to get for your gaming this year has been solved and you can enjoy your games again with no hassle at all at an incredible price too.